We provide all kinds of services necessary for implementing renewable energy business through alliances.

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About Surveys and designs

Our experts will conduct surveys in a timely manner. They will select and propose the best route.

Acquisition of land-use permits・Administrative support

Our experts can arrange all essential applications (exclusive use of road and river permits, etc…), in private transmission line construction. Those permits allow you to use public space and ensure the safety of all users.

Construction and construction management

We perform construction and construction management of the private transmission line and for the power plant. Depending on the project scale, we ll call on EPC.

Obtaining license of forest development

Our capabilities allow us to build lines in mountainous aeras. We also conduct surveys and civil engineering design.

About surveys and designs

「Collecting all the documents」
Collecting all the documents related to the project :
・Cadastral maps
・The certified true copies of acquisition of lands

「Designs(schematic designs)」
Prospecting、switchgears and substation designs、reports、route maps

・Survey results analysis
・Confirm on site the route of the project, the configuration of the site, check the existing power lines and transmission lines also the type of roads.
・Take a census of the land owners and consult them
· Forest areas
· Survey of the forest roads
· Survey in relation to the use of agricultural lands
· Get all the informations (maps, surveys) about the buried lines and pipe.
· Being aware of safety regulations
· Prepare, beforehand, the meetings with local government to get the authorizations.
· Land acquisition negotiations
· Negotiations with general electric utility companies.

Acquisition of land-use permits・Administrative support

We provide an administrative formalities service when applying for all permits, to obtain the necessary authorisations from the Civil Service and relevant authorities to borrow public space for the construction of the private transmission line.

「Administratives procedures

· Land management planning (location maps, field’s surface map, cross section plan, structural drawing).
· River-use planning.
· Applying for the permission to work around sabo dams.
· Negotiations about the use of the farmlands for another purpose.
· Provide for the forestry development planning.
· Get the authorization to use the roads from the Police.

Construction and construction management

We realize all the construction work from the installation of the private power transmission lines to the start
up of the substation. Considering the production power of the site, we will introduce you to an EPC contractor
(Engineering, Procurement and Construction).
· Estimate of costs (quotation).
· Proposal of modular substations.
· Proposal of solar panel supports framing structures.
· Safety management.
· Basic designs.
· Final designs
(Construction drawings).
· Process and work management.
· Photo report.
· Quality management.
· Equipment and material preparation.
· Equipment and material management (photo book,
delivery specifications,…).
· Being aware of local and administrative regulations.
· Site office / construction site, etc…
· Briefings.
· Land acquisition and land management for installing pylons.

Obtaining forestry work permits

We assume for the necessary authorizations requests for the large-scale developments (more than 1 ha) such as forestry development for the installation of power stations in mountainous areas. We will design the civil engineering

「Preliminary surveys」
· List the prefectural laws.
· List the land owners.
· List the various infrastructures.
· Survey of the surrounding

「Concise summary – Proposal」
· Basic plan (layout).
· Concise description of the process.
· Concise cost of the construction.
· Surveying (current situation, site) and negotiations.
· Hydrographic Survey and prevention of flood.

「Concise construction drawings」
· Drawings like basic plans (layouts).
· Previous development negotiations
· Geological survey.

「Detailled designs – License application」
· Design Validation.
· Permit application (city planning law, forest law).
· Building permit acquisition.

· Construction support
· Determine the bounds of law, registration, etc…
· Acceptance of work, delivery of the end of work certificate and the certificate of compliance.