We specialized in the construction of electrical facilities since the establisment of our company in Oita more than 20 years ago. We have realized a wide range of work such as constructions of high voltage power receiving equipment and power plants,  traffic lights and road lightning, solar power stations, mobile base station and telecommunication towers with our customer’s perspective as a keynote.

Our past completions allowed us to develop our know-how and our technological skills to conduct research, design and construction of private transmission lines necessary to the development of renewable energy projects like solar power plants and biomass power plants throughout Japan.

To keep a high level of quality in our work, we are constantly aware of improving our skills and knowledge to use the latest technolgies with the satisfaction of our customers in our sights.

Our profile

◦ trade nameJapan Grid Inc.(Former name: Daiko Electric Co., Ltd.)
◦ Oita Head OfficeDaiichi Mineno Bdg 2F, Hiyoshicho, 11-23, Oita City, Oita 870-0918 Japan
◦ TEL / FAX+81 97-503-0707 / +81 97-503-0706
◦ Tokyo BranchShinbashi Tokyu Building 3F, Regus 341
4 Chome-21-3 Shinbashi,
Minato City, Tokyo 105-0004 Japan
TEL / FAX+81 3-4405-1416 / +81 3-6661-7194
◦ Tohoku Branch Ubakawa, Date City, Fukushima prefecture 960-0425 Japan
TEL / FAX+81 24-563-5380 / +81 24-563-5381
◦ EstablishmentIn June 24th 1994, Daikou Electric was created.
In may 2019, Daikou Electric was reborn as Japan Grid Corporation.
◦ branch of activityElectrical work
◦ LicenseOita Governor Special-30 No. 9987 (Electrician/Civil Engineering, etc.)
◦RepresentativeCEO Kanichi MAEDA
◦ Capital332 500 US dollars
◦ Sales results
9 922 752 US dollars (2022 financial year)
7 921 334 US dollars (2021 financial year)
6 790 492 US dollars(2020 financial year)
3 349 987 US dollars(2019 financial year)
2 177 280 US dollars(2018 financial year)
Number of employees38 people

Our services

Regarding the private transmission line :
Survey of the route of the private transmission line ・Design・Support services when applying for all permits (Exclusive use of road permit)
Permanent support during the work.

Support services when applying for surveying, civil engineering design, forest development, etc.

Electrical installation work
General electric work, public work, high voltage power receiving and transforming facilities

Business record

Business results

N Power plantOita 1,561kW
H Solar power generation facilityOita 1,014kW
F Power plantOita 255kW
K Power plantOita 100kW
Y Power plantOita 200kW
HSP Power plantOita 1,765kW
AN Power plantKumamoto50kW
MK Power plantOita 182kW
Y Power plantOita 2,041kW
YGPower plantOita 860kW
HDSP No1Power plantOita 2,213kW
YH Power plantOita 873kW
SSW Power plantOita 750kW
SSW Power plantOita 750kW
K No2 Power plantOita 186kW
I Power plantOita 2,071kW
YH Power plantOita 308kW
SP Power plant No1Oita 5,166kW
SP Power plant H No2Oita 6,954kW
S Power plantOita 1,425kW
K Power plantOita 758kW
A Power plantOita 354kW
O Power plantOita 163kW
YK Power plantOita 90kW
NF Power plantOita 750kW
KY Power plantOita 100kW
KP Power plantOita 177kW
HSP Power plantOita 1,200kW
MF Power plantOita 500kW
SP Power plantOita 185kW
HDSP No2 Power plantOita 2,249kW
FY Power plantOita 71kW
HY Power plantOita 608kW
HY Power plantOita 608kW
YH Power plantOita 734kW
HO Power plantOita 150kW
HK Power plantOita 808kW
M Power plantOita 97kW
HDSP No52Oita 718kW
MDH Power plantOita 451kW

Conception and construction of Private transmission line

S Solar power plantMiyagi30MW
M Solar power plantTochig24MW
I Solar power plantFukushima30MW
W Solar power plantOkayama23MW
S Wind farmKumamoto7MW
S BiomassShiga20MW
H Solar power plantTochigi1MW
M Solar power plantHyogo 20MW
K BiomassWakayama14MW
S Solar power plantMiyagi9.7MW
S Solar power plantTochigi10MW
S Solar power plantFukushima11MW
M Solar power plant Kumamoto17MW
O Wind farmOita7MW
A Solar power plantGunma5MW
U Biomass Saga23MW
T Biomass Hiroshima28MW
O Biomass Fukushima20MW
S Solar power plantMiyagia27MW
K Solar power plantOita10MW
T Solar power plantOita23MW
From 2017 to 2021